Barastoc Breed N Grow

Ultimate full feed pellet for broodmares, breeding stallions, weanlings and yearlings

Producing sound, healthy horses has never been easier. From conception through to gestation and into the first few years of growth, Barastoc Breed N Grow will give your horses the best chance, through sound nutrition.

What will it do for my horse?

Low starch formula to support a low GI diet and assist in reducing growth and developmental disorders.

Fortified vitamin and mineral feed with added bio-available Silicon to promote bone development and density, and assist in maintaining skeletal integrity.

Pelleted for nutritional consistency, ensuring your horse receives the right balance of nutrients in every mouthful.

Enhanced levels of macro and trace minerals to support bone growth and development.

Fortified with a natural source of Vitamin E, proven to support immunity in foals and provide superior antioxidant support to all breeding horses.

Ideal for pregnant and lactating mares, weanlings, yearlings and as a conditioning feed for stallions prior to and during breeding season.

Feed Rates

Do not feed more than 2.5Kg per meal. For horses/ponies that will not mature to 500Kg please consult Barastoc/KER for a more detailed feeding rate and diet analysis. The recommendations provided are intended as a guide only. The amount fed will vary according to the horse’s condition and the quality of pasture and/or roughage available. Barastoc Breed N Grow can be used to supplement grazing and/or high quality roughage to not more than one half of the horse’s daily feed intake by weight. Introduce this product gradually over a two week period. Intakes less than the levels listed may require additional vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Product Benefits

  • Steady growth
  • Immune support
  • Bone development & strength
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