Barastoc Heifer Developer Pellets

Heifer Developer is a palatable and nutritionally balanced complementary pelleted feed for calves from 12 weeks of age, to supplement feeding with forage.  Available in 20kg bags, bulka bags and in bulk.

What will it provide my calves?

  • High quality protein for optimum growth
  • The right balance of vitamins, minerals and trace elements for heifers
  • Rumesin 100 for improved feed conversion efficiency and to aid in the prevention of coccidiosis
  • Rumen buffer included to reduce the risk of acidosis

What’s in it?
INGREDIENTS SELECTED FROM THE FOLLOWING: Cereal Grains and Cereal By-Products, Legumes and Legume By-Products, Vegetable Protein Meals, Fats and Oils, Urea, Minerals, Trace Elements And Vitamins.

Min Crude Protein  15.2%
Min Crude Fat  1.5%
Max Crude Fibre  10.0%
Max Added Salt  1.0%
Min Calcium 1.0%
Min Available Phos  0.55%
Min Added Copper 0.30%
Typical Analysis as Fed / Kg