KER Low GI Cube

KER Low GI Cube is a low-starch, fully fortified feed for breeding and performance horses in a highly palatable and convenient cube. Scientific research has shown that low-glycemic feed sources produce more balanced energy levels due to lower blood sugar and insulin spikes following a meal. KER Low GI Cube derives energy from fat and fibre, including the ultimate super-fibre beet pulp and soy hulls, reducing the proportion of energy derived from starch and resulting in a lower glycemic response to feeding.

Low GI CUBE also contains highly bioavailable Zinpro® organic minerals, which have numerous benefits such as promotion of hoof wall growth, coat quality and increased bone mineralization. Increased levels of natural vitamin E assist with immune support and muscle health.

The horse’s digestive tract is designed to slowly digest and absorb feed. Feeds high in fibre, starch and sugar are absorbed quickly, resulting in sudden changes in blood glucose and insulin levels. In addition, some starch escapes digestion in the small intestine and ferments in the large intestine causing hindgut acidosis. Hindgut acidosis can increase the risk of colic, laminitis and behavioral disorders. KER Low GI Cube is a low-starch feed that may reduce the risk or severity of these conditions through minimizing sudden changes in blood glucose and insulin levels.

Glycemic Response

Elevated glycemic response may be associated with increased risk of developmental orthopedic disease, tying-up, behavioral disorders and insulin resistance. KER Low GI Cube is a rich source of highly digestible fiber, essential for maintaining a healthy digestive system and providing slow-release, cool energy.


Super fibres (beet pulp, soybean hulls), soybean meal, canola meal, grain and grain by-products, vegetable oil, lysine, methionine, molasses, salt, limestone, Zinpro Performance Minerals®, KER vitamin and mineral premix, dicalcium phosphate, mould inhibitor.


Mix KER Low GI Cube daily with chaff or feed alone. Grain may be fed in conjunction if a higher calorie diet is required. Adjust grain intake according to needs based on breed, body condition, growth rate and available forage.

1 – 2kg  Older foal (if fed)
2.5- 3kg  Weanling
3 – 5kg  Yearling
3 – 5kg  Mid – late pregnant mare
4 – 7kg  Lactating mare
2 – 4kg  Spelling horse, dry mare
2 – 3Kg  Performance horse – light work
3 – 5Kg  Performance horse – heavy work

The above recommendations are for horses with a mature body weight of 500kg. Adjust according to the weight of your horse. If a low-calorie intake balancer pellet is required use KER All Phase pellet or KER Gold Pellet.

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