NutriRice / Coprice Show and Competition

A premium extruded cool feed formulated for show horses and ponies and all horses in active competition work such as dressage, show jumping, eventing and camp drafting.


  • Unique formulation with rice and rice bran
  • High in fat and digestible fibre
  • Increased levels of omega 6 fatty acids
  • High in natural antioxidants including vitamin E, vitamin C and selenium
  • Contains naturally occurring gamma oryzanol
  • Increased levels of biotin


  • Ensure optimum digestibility and minimise digestive upsets
  • An extremely cool feed for calm, sustained energy without any fizzy behaviour
  • Supports healthy skin and producing an excellent coat
  • protect cells against oxidative damage, prevent fatigue and improve recovery times
  • Helps with post exercise recovery and muscle repair and development
  • Improved hoof integrity and strength
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